How To Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Not long ago a simple cup of coffee consisted of ground coffee beans placed in a brewing apparatus. Once the hot water was filtered through the ground coffee you were rewarded with a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee. However, even though a simple cup of coffee is still available, there are many variations and flavors that are available to the coffee lover.

Some of those variety of flavors include caramel macchiato, white chocolate coffee, pumpkin spice, etc. It seems that the list of flavorful possibilities is endless.

Additionally, a real treat for chocolate lovers and coffee drinkers is chocolate covered coffee beans. Any reputable coffee specialty store or Internet web site supplier can make these chocolate covered coffee beans available to the consumer. However, those individuals who are adventuresome and want to make homemade chocolate covered coffee beans the process is fairly simple.

That process includes selection of coffee beans, the purchase of chocolate and following the steps in making this delectable treat.

While all coffee is processed before drinking, the method that is used changes and can have a significant effect on the flavor of roasted and brewed coffee.

Coffee Bean Selection

The key ingredient that is the difference between good and excellent homemade chocolate covered coffee beans is the selection of the right coffee bean. Therefore, it is important to buy coffee beans that are of optimum quality.

High-quality coffee beans can be purchased at grocery stores, but probably a better place to purchase the coffee beans would be a coffee specialty store. In addition, the Internet can prove to be a smart place to shop especially if the individual has discerning tastes for quality and wishes to have a variety of coffee beans to choose from.

Finding The Right Chocolate

The next important step in making homemade chocolate covered coffee beans is the selection of chocolate. The best type of chocolate to choose it is that chocolate that made specifically for dipping. In addition, the selection of chocolate to be used for the dipping process can include chocolate chips and squares.

Once the type of chocolate has been selected the next step is to choose your favorite chocolate flavor. Examples of choices available include white chocolate, milk chocolate as well as the dark or semi-sweet chocolate.

Making Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Once the coffee beans have been selected and you have decided on your choice of chocolate it is time to begin the dipping process of making chocolate covered coffee beans. That process begins with melting the chocolate.

Melting The Chocolate

The most important consideration is to make sure that you do not burn your chocolate. When melting the chocolate it is important to keep in mind two important considerations. Therefore, it is important to melt the chocolate at a proper temperature. The melting temperature should be at a low heat and the melting chocolate should be stirred often.

Another consideration is to make sure that you do not mix water with the chocolate. This combination will produce lumps in the melted chocolate mixture.

Using a pot of water and a pyrex measuring cup keeps the chocolate from burning. Place the pot of water on the stove at a low heat. Next place the pyrex measuring cup with your chocolate into the hot water. This will allow the chocolate to melt from the sides as well as the bottom.

Once the chocolate has been completely melted the coffee beans can be dipped in to the chocolate. After the coffee beans have been dipped into the chocolate they need to be set aside in order for the chocolate to harden. This process can be accelerated by placing the chocolate covered coffee beans in the refrigerator.

For the best quality Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans select only the highest quality coffee beans and Chocolate.



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