Your Very Own Coffee Roaster

Home coffee roasting is much easier than most people realize. Millions of people enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee in the morning to start their day. The biggest advantage to home coffee roasting is that it allows you to experience the freshest cup of coffee by roasting green coffee beans at any time to any roast style. In addition, because of the vast selection of green coffee beans, the home coffee roaster also can create a coffee profile best suited to their own flavor preference. Coffee can come in mancoffee rostery varieties, such as fresh ground, whole bean, and instant. A trend that some people choose to follow is to prepare “green” or un-roasted coffee beans in the comfort of their home with a coffee roaster. By roasting your own coffee at home, you can be sure your coffee is roasted just as you want it and is as fresh as it can possibly be.

Roast Grind. Enjoy

Home coffee roasting is the slow process of heating the green coffee bean to a desired roast. Different degrees of roast can be obtained by changing the coffee roasting time. How does this happen? The green coffee bean goes through a chemical change that causes the bean to change color during the coffee roasting process. For a better understanding of various types of roasts click on coffee roast styles to visit our page on that discusses more information about the roasting styles.

You get the freshest coffee because you are only roasting what you will use in a limited amount of time, it is easier to switch varieties of coffee, even on a daily basis, without any of them going stale. “Green” coffee beans can be stored for as long as a year before the beans will start to lose any of their flavor. 

Roasting Your Own Coffee Saves Money

There are quite a few reasons why an individual may choose to use a home coffee roaster rather than buy professionally roasted coffee. One of the main reasons is that it saves the home roaster money in the long run. The “green” coffee beans used in home roasting are generally 30% cheaper than their professionally roasted counterparts. 

Coffee Roaster Methods

Most methods for using a coffee roaster are extremely simple and take a short amount of time. One of the most popular methods is the air roasting method. This method uses a stream of hot air to roast the coffee, much in the same manner as an electric hot air popcorn popper makes popcorn. This coffee roaster method takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish and roasts the coffee evenly without burning or scorching the coffee. Appliances that utilize this method can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the model.

Another coffee roaster method typically used is radiant drum roasting. This method roasts the coffee while rotating it in a hot drum to ensure that the coffee beans roast evenly. This method takes nearly twice as long as the hot air coffee roaster method and requires the individual to pay a lot more attention to the roasting process as the coffee beans can burn easily. A radiant drum roaster can handle much more coffee at a time, up to a pound for some models.  

Roasting your own coffee at home can be as easy as making a batch of popcorn. Depending on the method used and your personal preferences, using a home coffee roaster may take anywhere from 6 to 20 minutes per batch of coffee made. If they choose, an individual can make a big enough batch of roasted coffee to last them for several days. The results of using a home coffee roaster are as good as or better than professionally roasted coffees.

 Home Coffee Roasters

For home coffee roasters, there are generally two types of roasters on the market today. The fluid bed and heat drum. Due to cost and ease of use, fluid bed roasters are the most popular and efficient. These roasters hold anywhere from 10 to 40 cups per batch of beans roasted based upon which roaster you use. Personal coffee roasters can range in price from $49.00 to $500.00 depending on the type of coffee roaster.



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