Counting The Calories In Coffee

These days, it seems like everyone is on some type of diet. Low fat diets, low carb diets, and low calorie diets are the most popular diets with the American public today. With low calorie diets, the number of calories in every item that the individual eats, even the calories in coffee, is added together to make the individual aware of how many calories they are eating during the day. Knowing how many calories are being consumed helps the individual manage their diet and reduce the amount of calories they eat over the course of a day.

What Can Change The Calories In Coffee

Counting these calories correctly can be difficult. Take the calories in coffee for instance. The calories in a cup of coffee can differ widely from person to person because there are many variables that can change the number of calories in your cup. One major difference that can change the number of calories in coffee is the size of the cup. One person may define a cup of coffee as an 8-oz mug full, while another may classify it as the 12-oz Styrofoam cup that they pick up every morning on the way to the office. To get an accurate count of the calories in coffee, a standard measurement is 8 fluid ounces or 1 Cup.

Another variable that affects the amount of calories in coffee is the specific type of the coffee. Flavored coffees generally have many more calories than a cup of plain black coffee. Differences can also range between specific brands and styles, such as Columbian Roast or Breakfast Blend. The number of calories in coffee brands is typically indicated on the label of the coffee container for consumer review. 

The number of calories in coffee has mostly to do with how it is prepared for consumption. You ad calories with every spoonful of sugar or creamer you used to make the coffee more flavorful. Just remember, as more things are added to the coffee, the calorie count rises. One of the additions that add the most calories is whitening agents such as cream, milk, or creamer. Depending on the amount used, an individual can add between 40 and 90 calories to eat cup of coffee with whitening agents alone. 

Many of the additives used to flavor coffee, such as vanilla syrup or chocolate syrup, can also add to the calories in coffee. Using flavored syrups can add 70 calories or more per shot added to your coffee. A number of these flavorings do come in sugar-free varieties, so opting for the sugar free flavorings will reduce the amount of calories in coffee drinks. By remembering that these agents all add calories to your cup of coffee, you can effectively manage your diet and reduce the amount of calories in your coffee.



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