Espresso Coffee For Espresso Coffee Drinkers

Espresso coffee’s popularity has grown immensely in the last few years. Many coffee shops that specialize in espresso have popped up on almost every city corner in America. Espresso coffee service can be found in coffee bars, bookstores, movie theaters, and bakeries. 

Home espresso machines are almost as popular as the coffee pot. Espresso has become the drink of choice for the nation’s sophisticated and faux-sophisticated consumers.

Ok So What Is Espresso Coffee?

Espresso coffee is typically served as a small amount of thick dark coffee in a tiny cup. The typical coffee used to make espresso is a blend of several types of coffee beans from various countries. These coffee beans are carefully roasted until they look oily and become very dark. Then the beans are finely ground, until they are the consistency of powdered sugar. Strength of the espresso coffee is directly proportional to the fineness of the grinding of the beans and many varieties can be very strong.

Cappuccinos, Café mochas, and Café lattes

A lot of people are choosing to drink their espresso coffee as part of a frothy coffee drink loaded with milk and flavored syrups. Cappuccinos, café mochas, and café lattes are all different types of espresso drinks. These drinks contain one or more shots of espresso coffee with the strong taste of the brew diminished by the addition of other products. The most frequent addition to these drinks is steamed milk, which softens the taste of the espresso. Other additions typically include chocolate, vanilla, or other flavored syrups.

Espresso Vs Drip Varieties of Coffee

The major difference between espresso coffee and drip coffee is the brewing time. Espresso is brewed much more quickly than drip coffee as espresso machines use pressure to force hot water through the finely ground coffee. The water is near boiling when it is forced through the tightly packed coffee. The best shots of espresso take close to 25 seconds to fully pass through the coffee grounds. The liquid concoction that comes out is thicker than regular coffee and has a slight head of foam on it. Surprisingly, a cup of regular coffee has more caffeine than a shot of espresso coffee.

Although espresso coffee has gained a large following in the United States, it still has a long way to go to rival traditional coffee. Many consumers view espresso drinks as a fad, though the drinks have remained in vogue for a substantial amount of time. Whether looking for a jolt of caffeine or a delicious drink to sip leisurely, espresso coffee has a drink for you.



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