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Why Use Pure Gold Coffee Filters

It will never wear out, it’s environmentally friendly and the gold filter does not alter the flavor of the coffee. Gold coffee filters come in several different shapes sizes and filtering materials depending on the type of coffee maker it is being used in. Each type of gold filter has different attributes to help an individual choose which types of filter is best for them. There are many ways to prepare a good cup of coffee. Many people swear by the coffee pot they use, while others swear on the brand of coffee. But no cup of coffee turns out well without the help of a good coffee filter. 

Gold Coffee Filters Types

You can purchase pure gold coffee filters with prices starting at around $10.00. These filters are considered the best for infusing the total flavor of the coffee, but a few of the grounds inevitably end up in the bottom of the pot as well. The gold filter needs no special treating to avoid transferring a metallic taste into the coffee. With a little care the filter last forever. These coffee filters are generally created to fit a specific type of coffee pot and replacing the filter can be more expensive than you expect. They are available in both flat and cone shapes for almost all coffee makers. Some people call these gourmet or gormay coffee filters. The proper spelling is gourmet but many people misspell this and spell it gormay coffee filters.

Cloth Coffee Filters A Lot Cheaper Than Gold Filters

Environmentally friendly cloth coffee filters are typically made of unbleached natural cotton. The cloth filters retain more coffee grounds than the metal filters but allow more of the coffee oil to pass through than the paper filters, thus adding more flavor to the coffee. With proper care, these filters will last for about four - five months. They will require cleaning after each use and are less convenient than the paper coffee filters, cloth filters are quickly becoming more popular with the growing number of individuals buying gourmet coffee. 

You can choose your ideal filter by the attributes that it brings to the equation. Whether using paper, metal, or cloth coffee filters, the filter is the key to a great cup of coffee. Knowing the differences between the types of coffee filters available will help the individual create their perfect cup of coffee. Coffee is like wine whether it is good or not good is up to you and your individual tastes. The addition of a pure gold coffee filter will keep your coffee taste consistent. You will find more than a few different types of coffee filters that are in use today. Enjoy a good cup of coffee today..