Coffee Of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii

Hawaiian Coffee From Molokai

There are many countries that are synonymous with the production of coffee beans. Those countries could include Columbia, Brazil, Guatemala, Arabia, etc. However, you may not know that the United States is a producer of one of the finest coffees.

This mistake may be due to the fact that one many forget that Hawaii is part of the United States and that Hawaii is very well known for their production of great tasting coffee. Two Hawaiian islands in particular that are well know for their coffee is the Big Island and the Island of Molokai.

Different Coffee From The Island Of Molokai

When looking for the Hawaiian coffee grown on Molokai, it is important to understand more about the Island of Molokai, the lifestyle of this island, and what make this Hawaiian coffee so unique.

The agriculture found on Molokai is truly a reflection of the lifestyle of the inhabitants found on this island. That lifestyle is a commitment of the people to preserve the pristine beauty of the landscape and to honor the resources of the land and the surrounding sea. This commitment has resulted in little or no change to the island and avoidance of modern day development experienced by other islands.

Therefore, this mindset and subsequent respect of the land produces quality crops. Those crops include sugar, pineapple and coffee. The Hawaiian coffee produced on the island of Molokai is a new crop, but is beginning to make strides in the coffee market.

The Hawaii Coffee From Molokai Is Unique

The reason why Hawaiian coffee from Molokai has such a rich flavor is due to two basic factors that effect coffee. Those factors include the climate and the soil.

The climate of Molokai is most conducive to the growing of tropical crops. This is due to its proximity to the equator. In addition, the island of Molokai receives abundant sunshine and moderate amounts of rainfall.

In addition to the climate, Hawaiian coffee beans grown on the island of Molokai are enhanced by the soil that comprises this land. It is a well known fact that the Hawaiian Islands were formed from a series of volcanic eruptions. Subsequently, this soil is intensely red in color, allows for the drainage of water and is saturated with mineral content. This rich soil is extremely conducive to the growth of Hawaiian coffee on the Island of Molokai.

One other feature of the land of Molokai is that one particular coffee plantation borders a large reservoir. This reservoir acts as a huge humidifier which helps to standardize the humidity. In addition, the water from the reservoir enables the Hawaiian coffee producers to adequately irrigate the coffee trees.




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