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Consistency in brewing espresso is a prime concern of lovers of this drink and Krups espresso machines are known for delivering the same quality in every cup brewed. Long known for the quality built into home appliances, Krups espresso machines utilize the company’s beginning as a forge in 1846 and later making scales, and its continued quest for quality and perfection.
.In 1956 the company began producing coffee grinders for industrial and retail markets, making its first step into the consumer appliance market. Introducing the electric motor into home appliances began with Krups in 1960. In 1983, Krups espresso machines were introduced in Germany to satisfy the country’s growing love of this heady drink. Thirty years later Krups espresso machines were growing in popularity in the United States and today are considered one of the premier manufacturers of coffee equipment in the world.
Three different styles comprise the Krups espresso machines line, with the pressure machine, steam machine and a combination espresso and coffee maker for those families that require diversity in their coffee habit. The pump Krups espresso machines utilize a built in pump to quickly force water through the grounds while the steam unit uses the natural ability of steam to push the water through the process.

All Models Include Frothing Wand

Whether the Krups espresso machines use a pump or steam, or are included in a combination unit, they are all equipped with a steam wand to introduce steamed milk and froth to the top of cappuccino if the user so desires. Different models of each type give consumers many options for their countertop residential units to supply different quantities for immediate use.

Krups espresso machines that supply two or four cups of espresso to those with reservoirs for up to 12 cups care available in both pump and steam versions. Remember, of course that a cup of coffee is typically measured at six ounces and a demitasse cup of espresso is measured as four tablespoons. Although many lattes and cappuccinos are served in larger servings, up to about 20-ounces.

Separate reservoirs for water to be turned into steam and one for holding water before it is heated helps Krups espresso machines make the perfect blend of espresso every time. Having the built in wand with access to steam from the same unit makes frothing the drink quicker and under better temperature controls. With most units, the brewing must be completed prior to removing the reservoir, or the risk of being burned by hot water or steam become present.


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