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Whole Bean Coffee

The secret to a great cup of home brewed coffee is without a doubt starting with fresh whole bean coffee. The smell…the taste… is wonderful. Now, there are two ways that you can purchase whole coffee beans. You can either purchase it pre-roasted or you can buy green coffee beans and then roast them yourself at home (which isn’t as complicated than it sounds). The oils from the beans will start breaking down after roasting, causing the bean to lose its flavor. So, the less time between roasting and drinking, the better.

Selecting Whole Bean Coffee

Use Arabica beans as a general rule. You can branch out and try other types if you so desire, but stick to Arabica.

I prefer to purchase my beans at a store or coffee shop that roasts its own beans. There is nothing wrong with getting your beans from a online retailer. Selections are large and shipping isn’t that expensive. Besides most quality online retailers take your order, roast the coffee beans and then immediately package it up and send it to you so that you receive the freshest beans available.

Try whole bean coffee from various regions around the world to find the region you prefer, since the region of the world in which the coffee beans are grown will strongly affect their flavor. The three general coffee-growing regions are Africa/Arabia, Asia-Indonesia-Pacific, and Central/South America.

The whole bean you choose will depend on whether you like a light, medium or dark roast. Since a light roast lets all of the bean's original flavor come through, save this option for a coffee whose flavor you like the best.



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